airbnb bonuses

How to get all the bonuses Airbnb offers?!

How to get all the bonuses Airbnb offers?!

airbnb bonuses

Airbnb received another round of financing and as a company decided to invest 1,000,000,000 dollars into its marketing activities. And you can be the one to profit from it by getting one of the bonuses that are being offered at Airbnb right now. I wrote this article so you wouldn´t miss any of them.

  • 1) Travel credit for new members

In case you don´t have a profile yet, register through this link and you will receive between 20-40 USD/Eur as a bonus credit (the exact amount depends on the current mood (special offer) of Airbnb) for your first stay with Airbnb. There is a condition that the booked accommodation has to have a basic cost of at least 70 EUR.

Some people say that if you log in with a new e-mail address you will get the credits again. By saying so, I’m not suggesting that you should do it that way 😉. (but it works!)

The correct way to get the 25 – 50 USD/EUR bonus: Click here to get Airbnb travelers bonus, register, book your first accommodation and enjoy your first trip being a bit cheaper!

  • 2) Business trips for travelers

If you already have an Airbnb account (if not, continue according to the first paragraph and register through this link), then you should know that if you register for a new service called “Business travel” you will get another 50 USD/EUR bonus. All that you need is a “company” email, one that is not set up using a free mail service. It should be an email address like You will get the bonus after going on your first business trip regardless of the price of accommodation.

In case you do not have any such e-mail at your disposal, some people say that it should also work using the services of throw-away-mail. Just set up an account there and make use of the bonus. Again, not suggesting that you should do it that way.

The correct way to get a 50 EUR bonus: Sign in to your Airbnb account, at the right top corner open the menu under your profile, scroll down to “business travel” and keep scrolling until you find the place to enter your e-mail.

  • 3) For hosts – a great bonus in cash!

The best offers Airbnb has at the moment are made for hosts. If you register your room, flat, house, houseboat or an igloo through this link you will receive a 50-100 USD/EUR bonus when you accommodate your first guests. You can use the money to buy furniture or accessories for your place that will make it look even better or take your guests out for a nice dinner.

The correct way to get a 50 USD/EUR bonus: Click on this link and register your place for renting through Airbnb. After the departure of your first guests you will get 50-100 USD/EUR as a bonus.

Don´t know how to get started with renting your place? Read this article: Renting your place through Airbnb in 10 simple steps.

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