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Iceland – The perfect summer adventure – and Faroe islands as an appetizer

Crisscrossing through Iceland for six weeks by car. Bonus: three days at the Faroe Islands. So, make yourself comfortable and let me inspire you. There really is a lot to see.

It was March. Me and my partner-in-crime within a couple of online projects (E.g.: TilQuote or Spybnb) were looking for the best place to work in peace. Enchanted by the idea of being digital nomads we crossed Prague off our list and looked for places, where our incomes would be significantly higher than our expenses, following the example of Tim Ferris.

Unfortunately, none of the places we could think of were cool enough, safe enough (no, we were not scared for our lives, it was rather the stuff we carried with that might get stolen), boring enough, so that we would still work, and at the same time interesting enough for when we would like to dedicate our time to discovering new places.

Well, except for Iceland.

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